Adult Education Programmes

Rationale: The B.Sc Adult and Continuing Education is designed to meet the following:

  1. the increase in demand for Adult and Non-formal education workers in different areas of life
  2. the need for adult educators in different organizations, institutions and schools.

The products of these programmes will fulfill the manpower requirements in the ministries, schools, local governments, departments, community development, social work, adult education agencies, rural development, the mass media, units of ministries of agriculture, industries and financial institutions.


The main objective of B.Sc. Adult and Continuing Education is to train personnel in Adult and Continuing Education in the areas of Accountancy, Political Science, Economics, Mass Communication, and Marketing. The B.Sc Adult Education combined with a specialist area will provide in-depth study in these areas.


The entry qualifications to the programme are:


  1. Five Credit pass in WASC, GCE/O/L, NECO, NABTEB, TC II or any other equivalent certificate at ordinary level (as approved by the university), which must include a credit pass in English and also credit pass in Mathematics in not more than two sittings, Teachers Grade two with credit or merit passes in relevant five subjects.
  2. Candidates for Accountancy, Marketing and Economics must however have credit passes in Mathematics and Economics.
  3. Candidates for Mass Communication must possess credit pass in English Language


  1. Direct Entry will be offered to candidates with NCE, OND, University Diploma and Advance level GCE, NECO or NABTEB in relevant arears for a three-year programme. The candidates must aslo meet the UMTE University Requirements.


The course will consist of core (compulsory) courses in Adult Education, restricted electives from subject areas of specialization , optional electives and courses from general studies.


This will be for those admitted through Direct Entry. The programme is the same as those of four years but  starting from year two except that in their first year they have to include all first adult and continuing education courses and two general studies courses. They will not take all the core education courses taken in year two.



  1. A Candidate shall be regarded as a bona fide student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University from the point in time when he would have undergone the full process of registration and matriculation.
  2. A full-time student of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University shall not attend to a full-time job at the same time
  3. Every student must register at the beginning of each session to retain studentship of the university.
  4. Registration exercise for each academic session shall take place withing the period so designated in the calendar of events for the first semester of that session
  5. Only bona fide students of the university shall be issues with student identity card.
  6. All activities and case management functions of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University are executed online by logging on to the university portal, portal.unizik.edu.ng

Education Management and Policy Programmes


Educational Management and Policy Degree Options:


  1. Sc (Ed) Honours Degree in Educational Management (Science)

Teaching Subjects (options)

  1. Computer Science
  2. Health Education
  3. A (Ed) Honours Degree in Educational Management (Arts)

Teaching Subjects (options)

  1. English Language
  2. Religious Knowledge
  • History
  1. Music
  2. African & Asian studies (Igbo)


  1. Sc (Ed) Honours Degree in Educational Management (Social/Environmental Sciences)

Teaching Subjects (options)

  1. Political Science
  2. Geography
  • Economics


  1. Sc (Ed) Honours Degree in Educational Management (Management ScienceTeaching Subjects (options)
    1. Accountancy
    2. Business Administration
  • Co-operative Economic & Management



The Department of Educational Management and Policy shall award the degree of Bachelor to students based on their respective teaching subjects


  1. UME ENTRY: As in the general standards prepared by the NUC, UME candidates would possess 5-credit level passes (including English & Maths) in the senior secondary school certificate or its equivalent, in addition to acceptable pass in the UME. This admits them to a standard four-year programme of universities.
  2. DIRECT ENTRY: Applicants would join the programme at the 200 level. They would possess any of the following qualifications in addition to the basic university admission requirements of the subject area departments whose courses would be considered as restricted electives.
  3. Two (2) passes in relevant subject areas at advanced level, with SC/GCE “O” level credit passes in 5 subjects at not more than two sittings, OR
  4. A two-year diploma of a recognized institution in Nigeria or overseas with pass level not below merit.
  5. At least a merit pass in two major subjects in relevant areas at NCE with G.C.E “O” level credits or equivalent in 5 other subject areas. Education is accepted as a third A-level subject.


The course contents arranged according to restricted electives (Teaching subjects) approved by the University Management are:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Cooperative Economics and Management
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • Geography
  • Health Education
  • Political Science
  • Igbo
  • History
  • Religious Knowledge
  • Music

Early Childhood and Primary Education Programmes


Educational foundation Programmes

The Department runs nine programmes as follows:
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education English;
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education Igbo;
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education Fine and Applied Arts;
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education French;
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education History;
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education Music;
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education Religion;
Bachelor of Science Degree in Education Economics and
Bachelor of Science Degree in Education Political Science.

Library and Information Science Programmes


Same as the university admission requirements in every material detail. There are two modes of entry to the Bachelor of Library and Information Science Degree Programmes:

UME 4 year degree programme: Credit passes in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) or its equivalent in five (5) subjects at not more than 2 sittings in addition to acceptable pass in the University Matriculation Examination (UME).


Direct Entry (3 year degree programme): Any one of the following qualifications is admissible:

A pass at least at credit/merit level in a relevant Diploma Programme (provided the University’s English Language requirement has been satisfied).

English Language and Mathematics Requirements

In all cases, whether by Direct Entry or UME, credit in English Language.

A credit in English Language and a credit in Mathematics at the Senior Secondary School level or its equivalent are required.




All candidates must have five credit passes including English Language,  Mathematics and any other three subjects obtained at not more than two sittings.

Postgraduate Diploma

The candidate must be a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University or a recognized University with at least a Third Class degree or a minimum of Upper Credit in the Higher National Diploma, HND, from a recognized Institution