Adult and Continuing Education

The Department of Adult and Continuing Education in the Faculty of Education offers a four years full-time degree programme in five subject options; namely – Accountancy, Economics, Political Science, Marketing and Mass Communication. The programme is tailored in accordance with the approved requirements of the National University Commission (NUC). Students are expected to carry a minimum of 15-credit load and maximum of 24 credit load each semester. Each student is expected to complete at least 152 credit loads for the four-year duration of the programme. The courses to be taken cover university’s general courses, faculty courses, departmental courses, inter-faculty courses and electives, which are designed to satisfy the requirements of the NUC’s minimum academic standard and the need of the student as an individual and a member of the society.  The department is a broad area that has root in professional courses in the Adult and Continuing Education and a teaching project. Teaching practice is also emphasized for graduating as a means of ensuring practical relevance in the quality of learning.