Philosophy & Objectives of Science education




Science Education Department is concerned with the production of competent and dedicated teachers in Science Education who will be able to engage creatively in science teaching, scientific research, development of new technologies and their applications to economic, social, and human needs.


Towards this end, the programme is designed to provide:

1. A sound academic preparation in Science Education (with options in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Mathematics and Physics).

2. A theoretical understanding and practical application of skills in development, implementation, and evaluation of secondary school science curriculum, which is geared towards meeting the needs of the learner, society and the changing times.

Every student in the Science Education programme is expected to take core courses in education, courses in their various options and courses in science methods. It is expected that on successful completion of the degree programme, a graduate of the department would have been sufficiently equipped to:

i. Teach his/her subject of specialization in secondary school,

ii. Develop challenging and age-appropriate science curriculum relevant to the needs of the student and society at large,

iii. Use various forms of traditional and alternative assessment techniques to monitor, enhance and evaluate students learning,

iv. Perform administrative and supervisory duties within the country‟s educational system and,

v. Continue to advance studies in Science Education.