Philosophy & Objectives of Early Childhood and Primary Education


The programmes of the School of Postgraduate Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University are aimed at providing excellent training in Postgraduate research in the various disciplines.  The areas of study are designated from time to time depending on the availability of qualified staff, equipment, library, laboratory and other facilities.  The School recognizes the accomplished researcher and the student as the core movers of all advances in all fields of learning and research.  It further recognizes that postgraduate programmes are designed to provide framework for vibrant interaction and partnership between the lecturer/research supervisor and the postgraduate student.  For this reason, the School places a high premium on the quality of its staff and the quality of students admitted as well as on creating an developing the platforms and frameworks for academic interaction and mentoring.

The Nigerian society is highly dynamic; hence, its needs and problems are also constantly changing.  The school strives, through its programmes, to identify the problems inherent in these changes but also to spot the potentials for positive change in the relevant sectors of the Nigerian society.  Cognizant of the enormous task it has assumed, fully recognizing the vast potentials of individual human persons working in community and with unflagging belief in the abundance of able Nigerians and indeed humans generally, the School of Postgraduate Studies of Nnamdi Azikiwe University warmly welcomes all who share in its philosophy to a partnership for advancing the frontiers of knowledge for human development.  In all our programmes and activities, excellence is the watchword and beacon.

Aim and Objectives


The School of Postgraduate Studies aims to provide an enabling environment for the acquisition of advanced learning in the disciplines or specialization areas through research, lectures and seminars.  By providing the postgraduate students with structures and frameworks for research, they are afforded the opportunity to become experts in the respective disciplines and areas of specialization for careers in the academia and industry in both the public and private sectors of the Nigerian and global economy.


  • To empower postgraduate students by inspiring intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning through research and scholarship;
  • To empower the postgraduate students in developing leadership qualities and personal responsibility; and
  • To prepare the postgraduate students to lead fulfilled lives in their personal and professional engagements.

Vision and Mission


To become a leading School of Postgraduate Studies in Nigeria and beyond.


  • To establish the NAU School of Postgraduate Studies as the model for the African University; pursuing research, innovation and discovery that are beneficial to the public good; contributing substantially to the socio-economic, cultural and technological growth and well-being of the local community, the nation and humanity at large;
  • To educate leaders by enhancing intellectual growth; to empower men and women for global leadership by integrating academic excellence and moral integrity;
  • To advance the frontiers of knowledge by innovative research, scholarship and creativity.